IMI-Aktuell 2017/565

Nordkorea: Kostspielig

von: 14. September 2017


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Um in der Denkweise des US-Präsidenten Donald Trump zu bleiben, ein Krieg gegen Nordkorea, wie er derzeit zumindest nicht völlig ausgeschlossen erscheint, wäre ökonomisch ein schlechter „Deal“. Der National Interest (via Bpb-Newsletter) schreibt zu den Kosten eines möglichen Krieges: „Energy markets could be hit, particularly oil, given that around 65 percent of Asia’s refining capacity is located in Japan, South Korea and China. Oil and gas markets would also be affected, according to consultancy Wood Mackenzie. […] Global shipping may also be severely disrupted, since nine of the world’s ten busiest container ports, including South Korea’s Busan, are in Asia. China alone accounts for 13 percent of global exports and is the biggest single supplier to the United States. […] While speculation continues over the potential endgame for North Korea, unleashing ‚fire and fury‘ as threatened by President Donald Trump would come at a very high cost in both human and financial terms. With America still paying the price of the ‚war against terror‘ in Afghanistan and Iraq, another major conflict would tax the world’s biggest superpower to its very limit.“ (jw)