IMI-Aktuell 2015/655

S-300: Rüstungswettlauf

von: 11. November 2015


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Die Lieferung hochmoderner S-300 Raketen aus Rußland an den Iran werde den Rüstungswettlauf in der Region weiter anheizen, erwartet Justin Bronk in seiner Analyse für »Al Jazeera« (über BpB-Newsletter) und würde den Iran in die Lage versetzen, auch Flugzeuge weit außerhalb seiner Grenzen zu bedrohen: „Under most combat conditions the S-300 is very dangerous for modern combat aircraft that do not have very low observable (VLO) or stealth technology. […] Operations against targets in Iran covered by S-300 systems, Gulf state or Western air forces would require extensive electronic-warfare support in terms of tracking, jamming, and suppression capabilities. Outside the United States Air Force and US Navy, such capabilities are in critically short supply. […] While S-300 systems cannot attack ground targets and so are predominantly defensive in nature, the Middle East’s fragile politics and the fact that Iran acquiring these systems will cause a significant change in military power dynamics, make them a potent source for future instability.“