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IMI-Aktuell 2019/364

USA: Monroe-Doktrin (II)


Die USA haben nicht nur offen angekündigt, in einer Art  Neuauflage der Monroe-Doktrin die Vorherrschaft in Lateinamerika für sich reklamierten (siehe IMI-Aktuell 2019/242), wie ein Artikel bei Al Jazeera (via Bpb-Newsletter) beschreibt, haben sie auch in jüngster Zeit eine Reihe von Maßnahmen ergriffen, um diesen Anspruch in die Wirklichkeit umzusetzen: „“Many Latin Americans see the resurgence of the Monroe Doctrine not just as a threat to left-wing regimes. The White House is using crippling economic and financial sanctions as a means to bend or break ‚uncooperative‘ countries. Mexico’s decision to cave into pressure to send troops to its southern border to stop the entry of Central American migrants, so that Trump would not impose stiff tariffs on Mexican imports, is the most recent example. Sanctions aimed at cutting off economic oxygen to President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela and his allies in Cuba have been less successful. But they are nevertheless painful. Former Chilean Ambassador to the US Juan Gabriel Valdez said this is a dangerous trend for the entire region. ‚There are new generations that have not lived in a world where a populist president governs the United States and declares the right of his country to intervene in Latin America whenever he chooses. The Monroe Doctrine is being used as the principle to rule our relationships,‘ warned Valdez.“ (jw)


Quelle: Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) e.V. - www.imi-online.de