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IMI-Aktuell 2017/575



Nach Meldungen, die USA beabsichtigten, die CIA erneut mit der Befugnis auszustatten, in Afghanistan Drohnenangriffe durchzuführen (siehe IMI-Aktuell 2017/569), berichtet NBC News (via Bpb-Newsletter) nun, der US-Geheimdienst solle auch in allen anderen Ländern, wo dies für opportun erachtet wird, in dieser Hinsicht aktiv werden dürfen. Dies ist insofern hochrelevant, als die CIA deutlich niedrigere Hürden zur Vermeidung von Zivilopfern überspringen muss als das Militär: „The White House also is drafting a new written policy on counterterrorist operations outside of war zones that would supercede the so-called drone playbook that the Obama administration had hoped would govern the decisions of future presidents, several officials said. The drone playbook, known as the Presidential Policy Guidance, or PPG, includes a provision that no strike should go forward unless analysts determine that there is a near-certainty that no civilians will be harmed. And it includes a provision forbidding the addition of new detainees to the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Trump administration is contemplating removing both of those restrictions, officials involved in the planning told NBC News. These developments concern human rights activists, who argue that the CIA is less accountable than the military.“ (jw)


Quelle: Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) e.V. - www.imi-online.de