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360°-NATO: Mobilization on all Fronts



An updated and translated version of IMI’s brochure “Die 360°-NATO: Mobilmachung an allen Fronten“ has been published as the newest Information on Politics and Society (No. 12, April 2017).

The cooperation makes it possible that the brochure can be ordered free of charge from:


Europabüro Sabine Lösing
Goseriede 8
30159 Hannover

or via Email: hannover@sabine-loesing.de

Table of Contents

— NATO’s 360 Degree Approach: Heading Towards Confrontation with Russia and the Rest of the World (Juergen Wagner)

— Occupied, looted, divided: NATO in Kosovo (Juergen Wagner)
— NATO in Afghanistan: A never ending story (Anne Labinski)
— Mission accomplished: Why NATO has destroyed Libya and destabilized the region (Juergen Wagner)
— The Militarization of NATO’s Eastern Flank (Nathalie Schueler)
— NATO’s (hybrid) role in Syria’s devastation (Christoph Marischka)

— NATO Centres of Excellence – Planning the Next War (Christopher Schwitanski)
— NATO at sea… The Alliance as a maritime power (Claudia Haydt)
— Cyberwar and information space: NATO and war on the fifth battlefield (Thomas Gruber)
— Militarization of information: NATO propaganda is now called Strategic Communications (Christopher Schwitanski)
— Allied Ground Surveillance: NATO’s eyes and ears above Eastern Europe (Marius Pletsch)
— Atomic Sabre-rattling: NATO’s Nuclear Offensive (Jürgen Wagner)

— Resistance against NATO structures in Germany – EUCOM in Stuttgart (Thomas Mickan)
— No NATO: Mapping the Protest Sites (Jacqueline Andres)


Quelle: Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) e.V. - www.imi-online.de