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IMI-Aktuell 2013/187

Ägypten: Neoliberale Muslimbrüder


In der Juni-Ausgabe der englischen Le Monde diplomatique beschreibt der lesenswerte Artikel “The Extreme Capitalism of the Muslim Brotherhood” die neoliberale Politik der ägyptischen Muslimbrüder: „The Muslim Brothers’ economic credo of free enterprise unhampered by state interference is more closely consonant with neoliberal doctrine than was the form of capitalism dominant under Mubarak. […] Morsi, his government and, behind them, the Muslim Brothers, are leading Egypt down the road to economic and social catastrophe. Neoliberal prescriptions, applied in the country’s present socioeconomic environment, have already provided ample proof that they cannot help Egypt break out of the vicious circle of underdevelopment and dependency. Quite the contrary: They have plunged it even deeper into the quagmire.” (jw)


Quelle: Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) e.V. - www.imi-online.de