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IMI-Studie 2012/08engl

The EU As a Driving Force of Armament

Pressure In Terms of Arms Build-Up, War Chests, and a Military-Industrial Complex for the World Power Europe

Jürgen Wagner (30.11.2012)

This study describes the political and industrial interests driving the militarization of the European Union and the various measures to increase armament spending and to strengthen the defence technological and industrial base. Taken together this leads to the development of an increasingly powerful European Military Complex.

The study can be downloaded here: https://www.imi-online.de/download/EU-DriverArmament.pdf

It can be ordered in print (free of charge) here: sabine.loesing@europarl.europa.eu




1. Introduction

2. Empire of Europe: Political and Economic Interests in the Militarization of the European Union

2.1 Claim to world power and economic expansion agenda

2.2 Imperial geostrategy

2.3 Return of the great power conflicts

2.4 Neoliberalism, poverty, and war

2.5 Lobby for war and profit

3. Pressure in Terms of Armaments Build-Up On The Part of Brussels

3.1 EU militarization – an interim appraisal

3.2 Pressure in terms of armament build up by way of a Permanent Structured Cooperation

3.3 An agency for armament build-up

3.4 The myth of declining military budgets

4. Open and Hidden Military Budgets and Instrumentalization of Civilian Foreign Policy

4.1 The CFSP budget and the financing of “civilian“ EU operations

4.2 Athena: Hidden war chest

4.3 Start-up fund: Nucleus of a military budget of the EU?

4.4 Space armament by means of civilian budget items

4.5 Security and armament research

4.6 Militarization of development aid and disaster relief

4.7 EEAS: Institutionalized militarization of civilian budgets and capacities

5. Europe’s Military-Industrial Complex

5.1 EU MIC: Political and industrial interests

5.2 Eurochampions: Concentration processes in the EU arms industry

5.3 Defence Package: An EU armaments market for the EU MIC

5.4 Europeanization of military policy

5.5 „Arms exports are essential for survival!“

5.6 Europeanization of military policy – crisis as a chance?

6. EU MIC: Risks and side effects



Quelle: Informationsstelle Militarisierung (IMI) e.V. - www.imi-online.de