IMI-Aktuell 2023/010

Atomwaffen: Gefängnis

von: 4. Januar 2023


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Am 10. Januar 2023 muss der US-Aktivist John LaForge eine 50tägige Haftstrafe für seine Proteste gegen die US-Atomwaffen in Büchel antreten, schreibt wordbeyondwar: „Amidst heightened nuclear tension between NATO and Russia in Europe, for the first time a U.S. peace activist has been ordered by a German court to serve jail time there for protests against U.S. nuclear weapons stationed at Germany’s Büchel Air Force Base, 80 miles southeast of Cologne. (Order attached) The Koblenz Regional Court notice of August 18, 2022 requires John LaForge to report to JVA Billwerder in Hamburg on January 10, 2023. LaForge will be the first American ever jailed for a nuclear weapons protest in Germany.” (jw)