IMI-Aktuell 2018/230

Bolton bei der Arbeit

von: 20. April 2018


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Neuer Nationaler Sicherheitsberater von US-Präsident Donald Trump ist bekanntlich der Ultrahardliner John Bolton geworden. Der hat CNN zufolge nun gleich damit begonnen, den Nationalen Sicherheitsrat umfangreich neu zu besetzen:  „By the start of John Bolton’s second week as national security adviser, five top officials at the National Security Council had already resigned under pressure, been fired or decided to leave. […] While it’s normal for Bolton to hire some of his own trusted advisers, the high turnover at the National Security Council is unusual. During President Barack Obama’s tenure, about 90% of the employees at the NSC were career professionals on rotation, collating advice for the President from their different agencies and experts for one or two years before returning.” (jw)

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